Publish Dates                      2015, 2016


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The Slice of Life Collection

Best Gurl inc, $50


In A Slice of Life, Another Slice of Life, and The Rest of the Pie, average people face extraordinary circumstances, their own veritable moment of truth. They stand at the proverbial fork in the road faced with choices, whether their own or life’s dictates.


A Slice of Life

Best Gurl inc., 2015, $20

"The summer of 1968 had been Alabama tropical hot, but my summer job prospects had been Chicago cold." --from College Boy

The first book in the Slice of Life collection. A Slice of Life mirrors the first season of life, reflected in a newly integrated Alabama of the 1960s.

Another Slice of Life

Best Gurl inc., 2016, $20

"The big circular balls of water rolled down from the older man's eyes falling over his beefy cheeks like a waterfall." --from Down South

The second book in the Slice of Life collection. Another Slice of Life reflects the decadence and newly found freedoms of the 1980s through the 21st century.

The Rest of the Pie

Best Gurl inc., 2016, $20

"The blue uniform clad guard's long, mangled and swollen arthritic finger slid down the list of daily visitor names attached to the clipboard." --from Day Player

The third book in the Slice of Life collection. The Rest of the Pie migrates to the West Coast of Hollywood, California; the Midwest of Detroit, Michigan; and to the white sands and emerald green waters on the beaches of Northwest Florida and beyond.

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